Facebook is becoming an increasingly common way to stay in touch with friends. But what do you do if your staff spend too much time on it at work?

If you have an employee who spends too much time on Facebook, there are two main issues that may arise:-

  • Drain on productivity – if your staff are using Facebook for personal use, they are not working.  This will inevitably lead to a reduction of productivity;
  • Your company could get into trouble – if your staff use Facebook to download offensive material, your company may be liable for harassment, particularly if the employee shares it with others during work time.  Similarly, your company may be held responsible if a member of staff makes defamatory remarks on Facebook during work time.

How Favalert helps you

Let’s you know when a employee is using too much Facebook. This is an early sign of dis-engagement at work. With this information, you can get an early sign to talk to your employee.

You can even use the history log data to know how much they have been using and whether they are using during office hours.

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